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LernKulturZeit Potenzialentfaltung in der täglichen Bildungspraxis
Initiative LebensLernOrte LebensLernOrte sind Orte, an denen die Zukunft schon heute gelebt wird. Sie sind Keimzellen für Entwicklung, an denen durch Naturverbundenheit, Gemeinschaft und "Mitmachen" eine neue Kultur geprägt wird.
Netzwerk Aktiv-Höfe Erfahrungs- und “Mitmach-Orte” - Frei-Raum für Kinder und Jugendliche
Junge Macher - Schüler gestalten ihr Lernumfeld selbst Lernkultur zum Anfassen & Begreifen - Neue Räume - neue Potentiale
Many small people,
in many small places,
do many small things,
that can alter the face of the world.

African proverb

Sinn-Stiftung: We support meaningful development in society

The Sinn-Stiftung wishes to initiate meaningful change in our society and supports individuals and organizations in their development.

The aim and task of the Sinn-Stiftung is to build bridges between different groups of society and to support people and organizations such as schools, companies and farms etc. with their own individual possibilities. We create conditions for the participation and unfolding of individuals in community at the so called Living & Learning Centers – which are based in the countryside as well as in cities. The people who create these places all share the intention of building a visionary culture.

The Sinn-Stiftung supports individuals, organizations and communities through process-facilitation services. Our programs focus on two subjects:

  • Living & Learning Centers – places with both the capacity and the desire to be a center for meaningful development within their region
  • Living & Learning Ways – people are encouraged and supported to search, discover, find and implement their visions and ideas of more harmonious ways of shaping (and leading) their lives

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